How do I know which flat iron is the right one for me?

All IZUTECH™ flat irons are built with the superior heaters and premium plates while other big name flat irons that sell at cheaper prices tend to use less efficient parts, specifically, heating plates that don’t heat evenly. With hair styling tools, every professional would agree that you do get what you pay for, and sacrificing quality goes hand in hand with buying inexpensive styling tools. Using IZUTECH™ flat irons guarantees superior performance and happier, more satisfied customers. With quality in mind, we carry three premium flat iron models for three distinct uses:

KTX450 Titanium was designed for stylists who specialize in smoothing & keratin treatments and can’t afford to have their flat iron lose heat. This is critically important because after applying wet chemicals to the hair, other flat irons tend to lose their heat and then require even more heat energy from the iron to properly seal the cuticles. The result is oft-times less than satisfactory and subsequent passes of inferior flat irons tend to damage uneven sections of the customer’s hair. The plate size of the KTX450™ Titanium is 4.25 x 1.25 inches and designed to cover a larger section of the hair to get the job done better and more efficiently in a single pass with each hair section. The stylish pure titanium plates on the KTX450™ are great looking but durability from the abrasiveness of strong chemicals is another feature that sets this flat iron apart from the rest. Do not be fooled by other brands that claim to be made of titanium as few of them use the same quality titanium alloy in their models as we do.

ITC450Digital Titanium was designed upon request from dozens of our stylists who fell in love with our KTX450™ but needed a slimmer one inch flat iron. Due its slimmer profile, it has more styling versatility. It can straighten beautifully, yet is agile enough to curl as well. It’s light weight and slim body fits very comfortably in your hand and comes equipped with a new LED Temperature display that accurately displays the heat setting you are styling with.

ITC450 Digital Diamond Ceramic has the same basic features as the Titanium model. The main difference is the materials that are infused on the flat iron plates. Diamond Ceramic plates are infused with real Diamond & Tourmaline Crystals that emit negative ions that help to seal hair cuticles (to give you that shiny look) – 20x more effectively than just Ceramic plates!

Which is the best flat iron for African-American hair?

African-American hair tends to be coarse and has the ability to take more heat without getting damaged. If you have long, full hair, we would like to recommend the NEW ITC450 Digital.

Are flat irons only good for straightening hair?

Our IZUTECH™ flat irons are designed with best in class, high-performance components with the sole purpose of making your hair healthy and shiny. Our flat irons are used to not only straighten but to add a sexy little curl to your hair as well!

Do I need to apply chemicals to my flat iron or hair before using it to prevent scorching my hair?

There are many hair protectant sprays are out in the market. However, unless you use them correctly you can boil and damage your hair. This is because flat irons heat levels are actually set to above the boiling point. When the hot plates touch the wet hair it boils the moisture or liquid, causing the hair strand to weaken over time. IZUTECH™ flat irons are designed to properly seal the cuticles without applying any heat protectants on the unit. If you are applying heat protectant spray on your hair, we recommend that you flat iron after the spray dries on the hair.

How many passes on a section of hair are needed to get the perfect result?

With IZUTECH™, you should achieve optimum results in a single pass. If you have experienced a flat iron that had made you go through multiple reps in same section, you may be using a flat iron with an inefficient, weak heater. It usually takes about 2 to 3 minutes to reach optimal heat (average recovery time) after each pass, and for a stylist, that’s way too long.

How do I use this flat iron?

Use it on dry, clean hair. Do not use it on a wet head, you don’t want to damage the hair by boiling it. Turn it off between uses and keep it away from water.