Introducing the New KTX 450

Professional-Grade Flat Iron

When it comes to hair care, there’s nothing like the new, state-of-the-art KTX 450. The KTX 450 is a flat iron that changes what it means to be a flat iron. In today’s post, our team at Izutech is introducing the world to our all-new KTX 450. Keep reading to learn more about this professional-grade flat iron and order yours today!

Rounded ceramic plates on the KTX 450 flat iron.

Round-Edge Ceramic Plates

The KTX 450 features round-edge ceramic plates. This is important because the round edges enable the flat iron to serve multiple purposes — straightening and curling. The round-edge ceramic plates help to make the KTX 450 one of the best flat irons money can buy. This flat iron can both straighten and curl without creasing hair unlike most other flat irons.

Temperature reading 450 on the display of the KTX 450.

MCH Heating

One aspect that long-time Izutech fan’s love is our MCH heating technology. Our MCH makes the KTX 450 one of the best flat irons in the business. MCH is a heating technology that heats up your flat iron’s surface much faster than any other flat iron. This technology originated in Korea, but other companies have since gotten their heating technology from China in an effort to reduce costs. However, Izutech uses the original Korean MCH technology for extremely fast heating, giving you a faster start to your day.

Close up of the KTX 450 flat iron on a box that reads “Flat Iron for Keratin Professionals”.

Keratin/Smoothing Treatment

The KTX 450 actually earned its name from the keratin smoothing treatment process. KTX is an acronym for keratin treatment express! The KTX 450’s design utilizes the power of the keratin treatment process. The process is simple!

  1. Raise cuticles by shampooings

  2. Dry hair to 80%-90% dryness

  3. Apply keratin and bonding agent

  4. Dry hair back to 80%-90% dryness

  5. Use your KTX 450 to apply high heat

  6. Enjoy your thick, silky-smooth hair!

Learn more about the keratin treatment process for thick and smooth hair using the best flat irons from Izutech!

Young woman with thick, curly hair.

Accommodates All Hair Types and Styles

All too often people with thicker, coarse, and more stubborn hair shy away from using flat irons since even the so-called “best flat irons” on the market didn’t work well for their hair type. But, with the KTX 450, you can tame even the most stubborn hair! Our flat iron is made to accommodate all manner of styles and hair types. The KTX 450 works great for people with thinner, more manageable hair. But most notably, there’s nothing out there like our flat iron when it comes to thick, coarse hair. With our fast-heating technology and the power of keratin treatments, you will be amazed at just how well the KTX 450 straightens even the most challenging hair with ease.

Choose the KTX 450 at Izutech

The KTX 450 has revolutionized the flat iron! You can learn more about the world’s best flat iron by reaching out to us today or checking out the KTX 450 product page here.

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